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Comprehensive Guide to Dining in Parkville in 2023

Last Updated on October 31, 2023 by lyle logan

Comprehensive Guide to the Best Restaurants in Parkville

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Parkville, Missouri nestles against the backdrop of picturesque limestone bluffs at the very edge of the sparkling Missouri River. Here, you’ll find the city’s lively Main Street, flanked by the bustling Kansas City Metro area on one side, and the laid-back charm of unincorporated Platte County on the other. This impressive location creates a delicate balance, lending Parkville the allure of a small countryside market town, despite being just a 20-minute drive away from the heart of downtown Kansas City.

Parkville’s legacy runs deep, with roots tracing back to Colonel George S. Park, a survivor of the Texas War of Independence, who founded the town back in 1844. This once humble steamboat landing has since evolved into a burgeoning city, with the introduction of Park University and the vibrancy brought in by thriving local businesses around Main Street, contributing substantially to its overall commercial appeal. Despite this, Parkville has managed to maintain its small-town vibe and integrate beautifully with the surrounding natural landscapes.

You’ll find that Parkville’s restaurant scene isn’t flooded with eager tourists, but frequented by long-time locals who relish supporting their hometown businesses. Whether you’re seeking a scrumptious breakfast, a cozy spot for dinner, an upscale dining option, or a place where you can grab a casual bite, Parkville’s food scene caters to all.

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Breakfast Restaurants in Parkville

When in Parkville, starting your day without having breakfast is simply not an option. Thankfully this town’s dining scene is not short of options to give you a delightful kickstart:

Roxanne’s Café

Roxanne’s Café, situated at the juncture of Highway 45 and Crooked Road, offers a refreshing reinterpretation of the classic diner. The welcoming staff and decor that harks back to simpler times create a warmth that complements their delicious home-style dishes. Don’t leave without trying the scrumptious cinnamon rolls made fresh every morning.

Parkville Coffee

This unusual mix of a coffeehouse and roastery is the pride of Parkville. Not only do they take coffee seriously here, but Parkville Coffee also ensures they source their beans ethically and enjoy partnerships with neighboring local restaurants. Here, you’ll be captivated by the incredible hand-crafted coffee, delightful pastries, and lively chitchat with locals.

Parkville for Lunch

Parkville’s lunch selections are diverse, fulfilling, and filled with something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something quick or planning a memorable meal with your dear ones.


If you’re in the mood for classic American comfort food, Al’s pub embodies the spirit of an unhurried, uncomplicated lunch. With an impressive selection of burgers, sandwiches, chicken fingers, and hot dogs, Al’s has all the bases covered. And if you fancy a drink to complement your meal, they offer a full bar stocked with refreshing beers and cocktails. An easy choice for the best restaurants in Parkville.

Nick and Jake’s

Nick and Jake’s is a mainstay in the KC metro, with numerous locations easily accessible. From burgers to seafood to pasta, their expansive menu caters to all tastes, making it the ideal choice for any midday cravings.

Dinner in Parkville

Parkville’s dinner options are varied, offering a wide range of cuisines, styles, and prices.

Luna Azteca

The Barrera family brings a slice of Estancia de los Lopez, Nayarit, a coastal region in western Mexico, to Parkville with their restaurant, Luna Azteca. Step inside and enjoy an gastronomic vacation filled with fresh ingredients and modern twists on traditional Mexican recipes.

Frank’s of Parkville

Established at several locations before settling into the heart of downtown Parkville, Frank’s of Parkville offers authentic Italian cuisine. If you’re planning a family dinner, consider trying their fan-favorite Italian steak sandwich. An easy choice for the best restaurants in Parkville.

The Unmissables

There are a couple of establishments in Parkville that truly create a unique dining experience:

Café des Amis

Overlooking downtown Parkville from its exquisite location above an antique store, Café des Amis’s versatility could have placed it in any of the categories above, but it truly warrants a stand-alone mention. This charming French café offers a balance of timeless and innovative French cuisine, complemented by an extensive wine list and delectable desserts.

Stone Canyon Pizza

Serving up slices since 1995, Stone Canyon Pizza is nearly as old as the average resident’s age in Parkville. It embodies the town’s spirit, offering a respite from bustling city life. Known for using locally sourced vegetables, hand-made dough, and specialty cheese, their distinct pizzas are worth a try.

Rancho Grande

Claiming the “best Mexican food on this side of the border,” Rancho Grande offers a comprehensive menu that doesn’t disappoint with over 20 exciting combo options. This place is perfect for affordability and generous portions. An easy choice for the best restaurants in Parkville.

Additional Restaurants of Note

There’s even more variety and flavor to explore in Parkville at: