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KC Specials

Premium T-Shirt/NFT Collection

Check out our NEWEST Premium T-Shirt/NFT Combo

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Premium T-Shirt/NFT Collection

The newest twist on fashion is arriving. Connect your attire to a 100% unique NFT delivered randomly from a collection. Buy an Exceptional Quality T-Shirt; then send us your wallet address that attaches to OpenSea, and receive your NFT FREE. 

  • Only 30 NFTs exist in our “KC Gradient 1 Collection, so only 30 shirts will be sold.
  • We will never create Shirts or NFTs with these gradient designs again. Only 30 will EVER exist.
  • A very inexpensive way to start your NFT collection.
  • Once you own the NFT you may sell it alongside the T-Shirt, individually, or keep it in your digital collection.
  • All T-Shirts are of premium quality. The craftsmanship is guaranteed through SpreadShop; which has above satisfactory customer service.
  • Tutorials will be provided on how to open an OpenSea account. A very simple process; but also very rewarding in helping people grasp the concept of NFTs.
  • NFTs are sent randomly. There are 4 gradients available via Shirt, and NFT. There is no guarantee these images will match.
  • Email us with any questions, and welcome to the future!
  • View KC Gradients NFT collection – KC Gradients 1 – Collection | OpenSea
  • View KC Gradients 2 NFT collection – KC Gradients 2 – Collection | OpenSea

How to Purchase

Send us an Email Below. You will be sent a link to our Spreadshop. Your link will be active for 24 hours, and then we will pass your spot on to the next person.

After you make a purchase we will email your instructions to receive your NFT. If you don’t have an OpenSea Account, don’t worry; it’s free and easy to set up.


You will then own your custom T-shirt, as well as your custom NFT. Considering the T-shirt color and size combo; you will own a 100% unique NFT and very unique T-shirt.

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