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Free Things to do in Kansas City in 2023

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by admin

Free-Things-To-Do-In-Kansas-CityAre you looking for free things to do in Kansas City? Look no further! KC Specials is here to help you find all the info you need to Enjoy KC! After enjoying some of the items on our list, check out our inventory on The Best Kansas City Happy Hours Or the Best Coffee Shops in Kansas City!

Top 15 Free Things to do in KC

We compressed this list to the top 15 Free Things to do in Kansas City! Use this list for a date night, a Freind’s day, or something to do for free with children in Kansas City!

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#1 – Boulevard Brewing Company


Free-Boulevard-tour-imageWant a fun date idea? Something to do with friends but also low on cash? Spend any Wednesday afternoon at Boulevard Brewing Company for a free tour! Only on Wednesdays can you and your friends experience the unique history, business process, and brewing to Kansas City’s favorite brews for free!

You don’t have to call to schedule a tour; it is on a first-come, first-serve basis. When you and your group or date reach the end, you will end up in the tasting room, where you can sample a select quantity of Boulevard brews.

There are 24 types of beer for you to choose from to sample! Drive to Kansas City for fun, free brew-tasting experience from 10 am to 4 pm! First on our list of Free Things to do in Kansas City!

#2 – The City Market


The River Market also happens to be the largest farmers’ markets in the region. Open daily, all year long, experience an atmosphere filled with sights, sounds, scenery, and attractions for you and your family and friends to enjoy! The City Market has 30 or more merchants for you to check out, along with a Farmers Market Vintage Sale on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

The Market also offers a handful of shops and boutiques filled with unique styles and looks, lots of variety in flavor with the restaurants and cafes available.

You can also check out the 30 merchants that offer items such as locally grown produce, baked goods, handcrafted and vintage trinkets, prepared foods, and more. The City Market is a place to experience at least once, especially on a nice day! Grab some friends, take your spouse and kids, and get your steps in by exploring the rich history, different varieties of food, crafts, and events in the City Market.

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#3 – Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead


Need to get out of the house with the kids for a bit? Call your mom’s friends, hop in your car, and make a plan to meet at Deanna Rose! This homey Farmstead provides fun, adventure, history, and homes to 200 barnyard and local animal species for you and your family to enjoy!

The park offers free admission Monday through Thursday from 2 pm to 5 pm (April 1st to October 31st). Deanna Rose has got your back when you need a little assistance with keeping your kids entertained. From feeding and playing with goats to catching fish by renting fishing poles, to arts and crafts to pony rides.

Run out of snacks and drinks for the kids? This Farmstead also offers an ice cream parlor where you can grab sow sandwiches, chips, granola bars, drinks, and of course, ice cream! A perfect snack for when you need a break from all the fun!

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#4 – First Fridays


It’s Friday! Start your weekend off by walking around a vibrant community observing galleries, studios, and storefronts filled with art created between 400 local artists and 100 independent studios.

The Crossroads Arts District intersects two streets located in downtown Kansas City. Known to be one of the most “concentrated gallery districts” in the nation, this diverse community welcomes everyone and all forms of artistic expression.

Pick a Friday (the first Friday of every month) and indulge in what this innovative neighborhood has to offer. From galleries and restaurants to advertising agencies and design studios, this is the place where you can buy a pair of shoes without having to worry about wasting time or stress on finding a parking place.

#5 – Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens


Spend an afternoon discovering the changing seasons in Kansas City for free! You have access to a 300-acre park surrounded by 13 gardens, with 1,700 species of plants and landscapes, even trails ranging from prairie paths to rocky hills. Bring your kids to the Arboretum and give them a chance to have an educational experience. The Arboretum is now offering free admission every day from the hours of 9 am to 5 pm.

#6 – Kansas City Public Library


Enjoy a quiet place to read, think, work on homework, bills, stuff for work, projects, research, etc. Extend your research by checking out some books for school, work, entertainment, cooking, lifestyle, money management, childhood education, or books for your kids! A Library is a place where you can come and think. You can come to learn, to read, or even meet new people. You can also check out movies and explore the internet if you don’t have access to a computer at home.

The library is such a beneficial place for one to enjoy themselves in expanding their minds on knowledge and getting lost in books. The library is even kid-friendly to where most libraries have a kid section, filled with children’s books, movies, magazines, music, and more for your kids to look at there and even take the fun home with them! One of our favorite on our list of Free Things to do in Kansas City!

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#7 – Kauffman Memorial Garden


If you’re one to have a green thumb, come check out this 2-acre garden located in the heart of Kansas City! This garden is known for luring guests in with its vibrant landscapes. You are more than welcome to take pictures of the park, given this is the place to go for the perfect floral background.

#8 – Union Station


Explore the historic walls and admire the architectural structure of Union Station for the price of nothing! Come and go with the experience of walking around inside Union Station for a hub of culture, education, and entertainment. Guests also have the option of traveling to national exhibits, watch 3D movies, explore a world of science in Science City, or get a snack and a cup of coffee inside Union Station with compensation. An easy choice for our list of Free Things to do in Kansas City!

#9 – Penguin Park


The perfect place to bring your kids on a nice day! This park has a giant jungle gym with slides and pathways and a 26-foot kangaroo slide to a 23-foot penguin to play inside. Penguin Park also features other animals such as the giraffe and elephant.

This park is perfect for birthday parties due to the park’s spacious shelter. Some parts of the park contain modern play equipment such as rope climbing and rock climbing!

Plan your kid’s next birthday here or get together with your mom’s friends and have a play date! Or a picnic! Penguin Park is guaranteed to keep your kids entertained!

#10 – Children’s Peace Pavilion


Free-Kansas-City-Childrens-ImageThe Peace Pavilion offers more than 25 exhibits made for interaction. These exhibits engage guests in learning various life skills such as environmental sustainability, understanding diversity, controlling strong emotions, conflict resolution, and more.

Experience this innovative opportunity! A hands-on learning environment for your kids. Wednesdays and Fridays are open admissions, meaning; no reservation needed when visiting the Children’s Peace Pavilion. Furthermore, this was an easy choice for our list of Free things to do in Kansas City!

#11 – Legends Outlets


Take a break from all the shopping and focus on the outdoor scenery of the Legends. Take a stroll on the paved pathways through the many storefronts and eateries for a quick bite, especially if you’re having a sweet tooth.

This Outlet is popular because guests can take self-guided tours of more than 80 historical Kansans, from athletes to pioneers. In the center of the Outlet, enjoy the beauty of the large fountain. Are you feeling lucky?

Grab a coin, make a wish, and toss the currency into the water fountain! An excellent choice for our list of Free Things to do in Kansas City!

#12 – The Money Museum


Want to learn about money? Visit the Money Museum! Where interactive exhibits teach guests about the Federal Reserve’s role with the economy. Guests can also see some pretty neat things, such as the region’s most immense cash vault, Harry S. Truman’s extensive coin collection, use your muscles a 27-pound gold bar, and more!

All guests receive a bag of shredded currency on the way out as a souvenir. An easy choice for our list of Free Things to do in Kansas City!

#13 – Ernie Miller Nature Center


Load up your family along with some hiking gear and snacks to go out to Olathe for an outdoor adventure at this beautiful park. Spending a day here at Ernie Miller Nature Park is the perfect way to spend your free time in Kansas City’s natural and very serene environment.

Allow the chance for you and your family to explore the educational exhibits, trail-blaze through the open-aired climate, as well as enjoy a little bird watching! An easy choice for our list of Free things to do in Kansas City!

#14 – Kaleidoscope


Encourage your kids to express their creativity through art here at Kaleidoscope! This establishment aims to offer a free art studio that creates a space for kids to express themselves. Independent art sessions allow kids of age to create a piece they can call their own.

They can use materials such as cardboard, melted crayons, bows, and more! So spend a day here, perfect for you and your kid(s)! You can get in some reading time while your kids can get in some creative structure!

#15 – Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art


Described as the “beautiful complement” to the College of Johnson County, this museum serves as a favor to the campus as it is the largest art museum in the four-state region.

The art collection incorporated within the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art walls includes a combination of international, regional, and national work. Enjoy and enlighten your mind inside the Neman Museum! Last on our list of the Best Free Things to do in Kansas City! We hope you enjoyed our list of Free things to do in Kansas City!