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Best Sushi in Overland Park in 2023

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by admin

You can’t get any more landlocked than Kansas, but this flyover state has a surprisingly colorful sushi scene in its most populated city: Overland Park. Would you be surprised if I told you that some of the best sushi chefs have set up shop in the middle of the prairie?

It turns out that this corner of the Midwest is full of surprises. Our list below will help you find the best sushi in Overland Park!

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Top Sushi Restaurants in Overland Park

Best-sushi-in-Overland-Park-ImageThe list of authentic sushi restaurants in this city is so long that it was surprisingly difficult to narrow it down. These top five are, in my opinion, the best in the area, but they’re still only a fraction of what Overland Park has to offer.

While the modern-day concept of what we consider sushi started in the mid-1800s, the restaurants on this list have found a way to keep this ancient art form fresh and exciting. The demand of the ocean-deprived natives of Overland park has kept up the competition, and these places have delivered.

#1 – Kyoto Sushi & Steak

6792 W 135th Street – Kyota Website

Kyota-Best-sushi-restaurant-in-overland-park-imageNominated as one of the best sushi restaurants in America, Kyoto Sushi & Steak has charmed its way to the top five sushi restaurants in Overland Park. Its lively and casual atmosphere makes it a perfect place for any occasion, especially for bigger groups or families. Kyota is our winner for the best sushi restaurant in Overland Park.

Kyoto is so famous that it’s almost always packed, but the staff keeps up the fast-paced and energetic service so that there’s hardly ever a wait to sit down.

They have four traditional Japanese dining styles to choose from, including hibachi, and the chefs are greeted by name by the regulars who’ve been coming back since day one. Regarded as one of the overall best restaurants in the Kansas City metro, Kyoto has been catering to Overland Park families since 2002, and they’ll be around for many more years to come.

What to order: pretty much anything on their sushi entrée list is a fan favorite, but the Jayhawk roll and the Wildcat roll are delicious.

#2 – Ra Sushi Bar Restaurant

11638 Ash Street | Ra Sushi Website


Ra is well-known among locals for its inventive sushi rolls. They’ve taken authentic Japanese cuisine and paired it with a sleek and attractive vibe in a large modern bar. The décor gives an exclusive inner-city club vibe for an overall lavish experience- and paired with their extensive menu, including one-of-a-kind rolls, this is the place to start if you want a taste of sushi in Overland Park.

As extravagant as Ra can seem to a first-timer, it’s surprisingly affordable. Their happy hour menu is extensive, and they offer a separate lunch menu and seasonal specials. You have a lot of options for sushi in Overland Park, but Ra provides a unique experience. A natural choice when finding the Best sushi Restaurant in Overland Park.

What to order: the Viva Las Vegas roll is their signature twist on a classic recipe.

#3 – HAKATA Steak & Sushi

11658 W 135th Street | HAKATA Website


Hakata has only been open for a little over a year, but they’ve stayed packed since day one because of their delicious sushi. Hakata Steak & Sushi offers a typical Japanese steakhouse experience with engaging hibachi chefs. Still, their extensive array of sushi entrées and signature rolls keep people coming back time and time again.

I love Hakata for the familiarity of a family-friendly Japanese steakhouse, but the diversity of their signature rolls keeps me coming back. You can come to Hakata hundreds of times and never have the same thing twice!

Everything is prepared with care by their interactive chefs. Sushi-lovers and newcomers alike are welcome, and there’s something for everyone here. HAKATA was easy to add to our list of the best Sushi in Overland Park.

What to order: the signature Kansas Roll. Or, try a few different kinds in a Bento Box!

#4 – Sawa Sushi & Hibachi

9557 Nall AvenueSawa Website


While the prices at Sawa are probably the lowest I’ve ever encountered at a sushi place, that doesn’t mean that they’re cutting corners here. They have the freshest tasting rolls around! Sawa Sushi & Hibachi has a wide variety of signature rolls at fantastic prices! They also have a whole section of their menu dedicated to their deep-fried rolls- which are just as mouth-watering as they sound!

At Sawa, you get the most for your money without compromising on the quality of sushi served. Sawa even has other popular Japanese and Chinese dishes as well. The relaxed atmosphere, unbeatable prices, and delectable hand-crafted sushi combine to create a distinctly exceptional experience. You’ll be sure to enjoy Sawa time and time again.

What to order: one of the Sawa Special Sweetheart Rolls or a deep-fried Snow Mountain roll!

Origins of Best Sushi in Overland Park

Knowing the Origin of Sushi will help you find the best sushi in Overland Park. While the kind of sushi that we know and love today is widely assumed to have originated in Japan. The concept was born in Southeast Asia. “Narezushi” is a type of fermented fish wrapped in sour rice and originated somewhere around the Mekong River.

China and Japan eventually adopted Narezushi as a snack. Its popularity then was because it was easy to eat with your hands during theater performances.

Nori” is the kind of seaweed that is involved in making sushi. In the earlier days, it used to be scraped off the piers in fishing harbors and the bottoms of boats. Luckily, the nori we eat today grows in much cleaner places.