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Best Retaining wall Builder in Kansas City in 2023

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by admin

The Best Retaining Wall Builder in Kansas CityBest Retaining Wall Builder in Kansas City Image

Are you looking for the best retaining Wall Builder in Kansas City? Look no further!

The best way to find a great retaining wall builder in Kansas City is by using our list. We’ve compiled it from the most reliable and talented companies around so you can be sure your project will get done right with an expert on-site for all of its stages! Find out who has been given high ratings that we trust here, then contact them today if this sounds like something worth considering?

Looking for someone experienced enough to make your home feel safe again as well as provide lasting beauty through their experience designing elegant landscape designs built with outstanding craftsmanship (retaining walls)? You’ve come across just what exactly.

1. Sipe Excavating – Retaining Wall Builder in Kansas City Metro


Phone: (913) 207-1883

Retaining Wall Builder in Kansas City - Sipe Excavating Image

At Sipe Excavating they offer a variety of Services. Including Rock Walls, Retaining Walls, Pond Walls, Excavating, Bobcat Service, Dump Truck Service, Footings, Grading, Trenching, Barn Pads, Small Demolition, Drainage, Land Clearing, Water Line Install / Repair, Utility.

Sipe Excavating is the premier company for retaining walls in Kansas City. An easy choice for the best Retaining Wall Builder in Kansas City!

2. Logan Total Lawncare in Kansas City

Logan Total Lawn care is the best lawn care company in town. We offer a variety of services and constantly upgrade our equipment to provide you with all your needs, from keeping up on key maintenance duties like weeding or mowing (and even throwing some dirt on those flower beds!), as well as emergency call-outs when one too many forgettable weekends have left their grass looking sad and scraggly!

They are committed to delivering you the best in retaining walls. An easy choice for the Best Retaining Wall Builder in Kansas City! 

They know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to keeping your yard in fighting shape, but our team of experts will make sure whatever needs arise get taken care of with ease. And if something does go wrong on-site – rest assured knowing every single one of them wearing yellow works hard at Logan Total Lawncare so things can go smoothly even under pressure!

An easy choice for the best Landscaper in Kansas City! View their website Here!

3. Kansas City Masonry Contractors in Kansas City

We are an award-winning company that specializes in brick restoration and historic renovation work. We offer all types of masonry services, including stone repair or staining for your marble surfaces along with more traditional pavements like cobblestone!

After you have one project done at our Kansas City location – whether it’s just re-coloring some bricks on the outside wall of a building so they match better aesthetically speaking-, be sure to tell everyone about us by posting this information elsewhere online: “Offering brick repairs”. An easy choice for the Best Retaining Wall Builder in Kansas City!

4. Pure Blue in Kansas City

They pride themselves on providing the highest quality services possible. they take great care to make sure that our customers are satisfied with every aspect of their experience, and if they aren’t? You can rest assured knowing we’ll correct any problems before it becomes an issue.
There is nothing more satisfying than delivering extraordinary results for someone who put themselves out there by trusting us enough to let them into their homes – whether large or small! That kind of loyalty inspires everything this company stands tall above: excellence in all things yielded through hard work + warranty from ground-up design decisions made together here at PB Luxury Pools & Outdoor Living

5. Midwest Block in Kansas City

The beauty of modular retaining walls is in their endless varieties. From stone to brick, concrete, and even wood — there’s a wall for every taste! The wide range also offers plenty of structural options with a long-lasting durability that will stand up against Mother Nature’s elements time after again until one day when you decide it’s finally time to retire them from service once the last bit has been taken care of – maybe because your garden needs an upgrade? 

Whatever the reason may be at this point all those old fallen trees can provide enough material while still leaving room undergrowth plants/shrubs so nothing takes over what should stay natural eating). An easy choice for the Best Retaining Wall Builder in Kansas City!

6. Ab Rock – Best Retaining Wall builder in Kansas City

AB Rock is a trusted name in the industry, and they’ve been there for us when we needed them most. The foundation system on our two custom homes near Country Club Plaza was no exception – it required deep excavation with complicated piers or other types of foundations that would have taken too long to install properly.

Luckily AB came up with a solution by using unstable soil as an opportunity instead! Their engineers worked closely alongside yours truly during design sessions so I knew what challenges might arise from day one: rock breaking apart under pressure; loose sand filling excavations deeper than planned due. An easy choice for the Best Retaining Wall Builder in Kansas City!

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