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Best Lenexa Happy Hour in 2023

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by admin

Happy Hours Lenexa KansasBest-Lenexa-Happy-Hours-image

Known as the “City of Festivals” located in the eye of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, this city has an act of drawing residents in due to having an attractive yet safe city ambiance. Also known for its strong sense of community spirit and rich history.

Lenexa is expanding with many new attractions, including a new library, trails, and parks! With restaurants comes happy hour! Whether it be indoors or out, grab a group of loved ones, and undergo one or all of Lenexa’s fine eateries!

Whether you are in the mood for American (Traditional) style, Brunch, Burgers, a sports bar, a Steakhouse, or even just drinks, Lenexa has got your back! This city offers a nice variety of styles regarding your preference for food, drinks, and atmosphere, so pick your mood and drive to one of these top happy hours in the Lenexa area! Give yourself, friends, or family a chance to find a new best Lenexa happy hour to enjoy!

#1 – Silo Modern Farmhouse ($$, American- 4 stars)

17501 West 87th St. Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66219 –

Silo-modern-farmhouse-lenexa-happy-hoursSilo Modern Farmhouse of Lenexa is a trendy spot that offers American-style cuisine. Silo sits on 87th St Pkwy and is very well-known for its “country club” like atmosphere. Furthermore, you have the option of outdoor seating, but it comes with amazing views of the golf course.

Also, Silo offers brunch on Sundays, which customers tend to rave about! If you don’t taste for breakfast items, try the fried chicken with mashed potatoes, also served on Sundays! Silo Modern Farmhouse is first on our list of the Best Lenexa Happy Hour.

#2 – Ignite Wood Fire Grill ($$, Steakhouse- 4.5 stars)

8721 Ryckert St, Lenexa, KS 66219 | Website

Located in the heart of downtown Lenexa, you will find this posh establishment on Ryckert St. Ignite lets off a calming feel with a semi-low noise level, perfect for date night or celebrations! Clientele often raves about their affordable and tasty happy hour menu.

Some of the most recommended items are the tenderloin sliders, chicken tostadas, rock shrimp wontons, and more! You be the judge and decide which one is your favorite. Furthermore, try one or try them all, no matter what you choose, you and your group will not be disappointed!

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#3 – Grand Street Cafe ($$$, American-4 stars)

8815 Renner Blvd, Lenexa, KS 66219 Website

Grand-Street-Lenexa-Happy-Hour-ImageGrand Street is known for its diverse sustenance, and this cafe is suitable for customers who like variety! Perfect for friends and families who have different tastes in entrees as well as drinks!

The bar area gets highly complimented due to its being capacious, making it easy for guests to mingle and catch a game on TV.

As far as their happy hour plates go, you get what you pay for with plenty of food to share with your peeps! Overall, customers refer to this place as a “diamond in disguise” located on Renner Blvd! Come check it out and see it for yourself!

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#4 – Blue Moose ($$, American-4 stars)

10064 Woodland Rd, Lenexa, KS 66220 Website

If you prefer a soft, cozy setting, think Blue Moose! Plus, this place makes you feel like you are at home while visiting. They offer a relaxing space with a fireplace and…you guessed it! A prominent blue moose motif!

This upscale yet casual restaurant endeavors hand-crafted cocktails, a great wine list, beer list, and tantalizing edibles from their scratch menus. Blue Moose is located on Woodland Rd right by CVS Pharmacy. You can also take your party outside and enjoy eating in an airy-like atmosphere!

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#5 – Grinders Stonewall ($$, American-4.5 stars)

10240 Pflumm Rd, Lenexa, KS 66215 | Website

A local favorite, this hot spot was made for a happy hour! Known for their New York-style pizza and Award Winning Kansas City BBQ. This establishment is where food, music, and art come together to create the perfect trifecta.

Grinders give off a bar-like feel with its sizable bar section and a large variety of wall decor but still feels kid-friendly. Offering a festive outdoor patio made for all seasons complemented with a fireplace is a very inviting atmosphere.

You can find this quirky spot on Pflumm Rd. Also, You are sure to leave satisfied. Grinders Stonewall is last on our list of the Best Lenexa Happy Hour.

Cocktails to try at the best Lenexa Happy Hour!

A cocktail is so much more than just a mix of alcohol with a splash of fruity or tart liquid. It is a beautiful concoction, a magic elixir, if you will! When made correctly, it can impact the way you feel about your day altogether.

People often associate cocktails with celebrations, achievements, devastation, or sometimes just because we feel like it. We enjoy them with friends, with family, with strangers. Lastly, cocktails are more than just spiked drinks; they bring people together and create memories. Here are some cocktails to sip on whenever you are in the mood to indulge in one.Lenexa-Cocktail-Image

The Old-Fashioned

If you are a whiskey lover, this drink is for you! This particular 1880’s cocktail gets described as if you decided to drop some sugar in water along with some bitters, a shot of whiskey, and top it off with an orange peel to give the drink that tangy twist.

Furthermore, why not throw in a couple of ice cubes to settle your tastebuds to prevent them from being too overpowering. Also, consider this when ordering from our list of the Best Lenexa Happy Hour!

The Martini

This particular cocktail is made with gin, vermouth and garnished with a lemon twist or a green olive(s). Depending on what fancies your tastebuds, if you like more of a sour, zesty tang, go ahead and drop a lemon twist in your drink.

If you enjoy more of a bitter taste, the green olive will make your tastebuds dance! Also, the Martini gets considered to be the best-known cocktail. It is known for its simplicity, along with its sweet and savory taste!

The Mojito

Rum! If Rum is your go-to, treat yourself to a Mojito! This Cuban cocktail consists of lime, mint, sugar mixed with said water, and of course, Rum!

All to give it that cool, refreshing taste! This drink is usually served over ice to add to that cool minty freshness. Perfect for any time of the year, especially Summer! That is our list of the best Lenexa happy Hour.