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Best Ice Cream in Overland Park in 2023

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by admin

Best Ice Cream in Overland Park


Looking for the Best Ice Cream in Overland Park? With the longer, warmer days of summer finally here, the smells and cravings come with it. The smell of a fresh-cut lawn, the smell of the water from the sprinklers being turned on to keep the grass from withering, along with the screams of children demanding ice cream so they can enjoy a nice sweet treat to cool down from.

Though, there are plenty of adults who scream for ice cream too. There is something just oh so satisfying and refreshing about ice cream on a hot summer day. Nowadays, we have hundreds of different types of ice cream, from the usual ice cream favorites such as a scoop of cookie dough, chocolate, or strawberry, to more unusual ice cream favorites such as lavender, peach mango, or cherry pie.

Then there are gourmet gelato shops and other sweet spots that can cure your craving for something savory and fulfilling! Take a look at the best sweet shops here in Overland Park, KS!

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#1 – The Golden Scoop

5 stars
Address: 9540 Nall Ave Overland Park,KS 66207
Phone: (913) 283-8044
Hours: Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday-Saturday: 8:30a-8p
Sunday: 12p-5p

There’s a reason the slogan of The Golden Scoop is “changing lives one scoop at a time.” The Golden Scoop is considered to be “life-changing and innovative

.” The Golden Scoop’s mission is to provide meaningful employment for people with developmental disabilities; to foster an environment where our employees are meGolden-scoop-image-overland-park-ice-creamntored, inspired, and equipped to succeed in their jobs and their lives; to offer amazing made-from-scratch products; and to provide an inclusive, joyful customer experience that keeps people coming back for another scoop.” An easy choice for our list of the best Ice Cream in Overland Park!

It is an environment where people with disabilities are prepared to be successful and feel at home in a community where everyone’s gifts are valued and appreciated. The menu of The Golden Scoop involves coffee, snacks, and of course, ice cream.

You can also get yourself a cute t-shirt; it is super soft and has The Golden Scoop logo on the front! Although their menu is quite small and simple, the experience itself is so fulfilling and so inspiring. Each customer can choose between the flavors of “My Father was a Jam Maker (strawberry), your classic vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate, coffee, and Lucy’s 41 (dairy-free vanilla). So experience the satisfaction of The Golden Scoop!

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#2 – Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream 

4 stars
Address: 6917 W 135th St Ste B35 Overland Park, KS 66223
Phone: (913) 820-2676
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 2p-10p
Friday & Saturday: 12p-10p
Sunday: 12p-9p

Treat yourself to a whole new world of ice cream! Imagine running an ice cream shop without any freezers in sight! Yep! That’s right, absolutely no freezers! This is because Sub Zero Ice Cream “flash freezes” custom-mixed orders with liquid nitrogen.

For those who are not familiar with flash freezing, it is what makes the ice cream itself smoother and creamier simply due to the water not forming from large ice crystals. Not only is the ice cream to die for, but so are the prices! Each order of ice cream comes in a cup with a waffle bowl, and 2 scoops are the ice cream of your choosing, all for under $5!sub-zero-image-op-ice-cream

The ‘Chocolate w/ Brownie Bites/Chocolate Flakes’ is a fan favorite! Another fan favorite would be the ‘Birthday Cake Capacitor’ loaded with cake batter and cookie dough bites topped with fudge and sprinkles! All that goodness and flavor for $5! See what all the hype is about over nitrogen ice cream! It truly makes a difference, a great one at that! An easy choice for our list of the best Ice Cream in Overland Park!

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#3 – Freezing Moo

4 stars
Address: 11885 W 95th St Overland Park, KS 66214
Phone: (913) 400-3445
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 1p-10p
Friday & Saturday: 1p-11p
Sunday: 1p-10p

Tired of ordinary ice cream? In the mood for something more unique? Colorful, fun? Come to Freezing Moo, where you can customize your rolled ice cream! Customers have a total of 18 orders to choose from, along with delicious toppings and add-ons to make your ice cream order complete!

Freezing Moo also accommodates those who have any dietary restrictions that make their ice cream dairy-free and vegan. However, they want everyone to come in and experience the magic of creating their own ice cream!

Some of their ‘Moo-Licious’ flavors include Monkey Business (banana, graham cracker, Nutella and chocolate sauce), Rock Chalk Cherry (cherry, Bischoff cookie, and chocolate sauce), Jungle Love (chocolate base with strawberry, banana, and chocolate sauce) also the S’more Please (graham cracker, Nutella, toasted marshmallow and chocolate sauce) and much more flavorful recipes! An easy choice for our list of the best Ice Cream in Overland Park!

Feel like dressing up your ice cream? Enjoy choosing between cookies, fruits, chocolate goodies, cereals, candies, and sauces! Stop by Freezing Moo next time you’re out and about! Satisfy your sweet tooth here at Freezing Moo!

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#4 – Twisters Frozen Custard

4 stars
Address: 8675 W 135th St Overland Park, KS 66223
Phone: (913)403-8110
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11a-10p
Friday & Saturday: 11a-11p
Sunday: 11a-10p

Premium desserts made with the freshest and finest ingredients? Yes, please! Twisters is the place to be! First, take advantage of the perfect place to enjoy a fresh frozen custard with your friends! Then, spice your custard up by adding your favorite toppings, flavors, and mix-ins!

Twisters has it all! From shakes, malts to sundaes and cones, to cups and food! The menu here at Twisters is full of variety! A perk about this ice cream joint is they have monthly specials! This month features a total of 4 orders-one from each category. An easy choice for our list of the best Ice Cream in Overland Park!

The first one being a ‘Thin Mint Twister (vanilla custard blended with crushed thin mint cookies), the second is a ’Shamrockin’ Sundae’ (vanilla custard blended with milk, free mint flavoring, and Oreo cookies) the third monthly special is called the ’S’moreo Sundae’ (chocolate and vanilla custard topped with Oreos and chocolate syrup and marshmallow zig zag) the last one is the ‘Strawberry Banana Smoothie’ (vanilla blended with fresh strawberries and bananas).

If you think those sound good, check out their full menu filled with much more variety!

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