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Best Ice Cream in Olathe in 2023

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by admin

Best Ice Cream in Olathe


Are you looking for the best Ice Cream in Olathe? We can all agree that ice cream is a good idea all year round. But when it’s hot outside during the summertime, somehow it tastes even better. Overall, ice cream is a pleasure! A reward, if you will! It comes in all different flavors, sizes, and colors. You can also get creative and add toppings such as fruit, sprinkles, candies, and everyone’s favorite; hot fudge or even caramel syrup!

When you think of this wonderful frozen treat, your mind also tends to wander beyond into more treats, such as cookies, cakes/cupcakes, candy, brownies, etc. So it’s natural to want to experience what sweet treats are available to us, and what’s even more natural is to want to keep the curiosity on the new ‘sweet shops’ popping up around Kansas City-Olathe, KS in particular.

So what are all the sweet shops located in Olathe, KS? Better yet, what is the best sweet shops to visit here in Olathe! Find out here below!

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#1 – Sylas & Maddy’s Homemade Ice Cream

4.5 stars
Address: 11925 S Strang Line Rd, Olathe, KS
Phone: (913) 393-3500
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 12p-10p
Friday & Saturday: 12p-10:30p
Sunday: 12p-10p

I am sure many of you have already heard the rave of Sylas & Maddy’s, but it has been such a hit since 1997 that I have a brag about it! If you have had the pleasure of experiencing this popular ice cream joint, then you know they offer SO many flavors! An easy choice for our list of the best ice cream in Olathe!sally-and-maddys-ice-cream-olathe-image

Their menu is huge! If you have not enjoyed visiting Sylas & Maddy’s, I highly encourage you to hop in your car and go! See all the flavors of ice cream you can choose from! Get not 1 but 2 scoops; trust me, you will not regret the double scoop! What makes Sylas & Maddy’s so unique is that they make their ice cream and waffle cones every day, so they are fresh and taste so much better-creamier!

Their flavors are truly one of a kind, considering they use the freshest ingredients. For example, to create their amazing, refreshing watermelon sherbet, the process requires them to use a whole watermelon, chopped up-that is placed into the ice cream machine. Another example is when they make any of their pie flavors, such as their cherry cobbler or lemon custard, they use an entire pie with each bucket of ice cream.

This makes the ice cream explode with flavor and freshness! Of course, they have your original flavors, such as chocolate, cookie dough, strawberry, mint chip, and more, but they are constantly adding a new flavor to their menu, so you can go there and get a different flavor each visit! This is the most fitting ice cream joint to visit-especially when you like variety and rich flavors!

#2 – Sweet Thang

5 stars
Address: 1088 W Santa Fe St, Olathe, KS
Phone: (913) 712-7004
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11:45a-10p
Friday & Saturday: 11:45-10:30p
Sunday: 11:45a-10p

In the mood for lunch along with a sweet treat? Sweet Thang is the perfect place for you and your friends and family to come hang out! Their menu varies from ice cream and baked goods to warm sandwiches and other sweet treats! Sweet Thang is known to put a smile on your face and make your tummy happy-don’t believe me? An easy choice for our list of the best ice cream in Olathe!

Check it out for yourself because I guarantee you will leave with just that-a a happy tummy! Sweet Thang offers customers 44 flavors of ice cream to choose from, including sorbet, sherbet, even non-dairy, and no sugar added-perfect to fit the wants and needs of every single customer that walks through their door. Of course, you can also get your favorite flavor in a dipped cone, waffle bowl, and even in a malt, shake or float!

As far as the other sweet treats on the menu, sundaes are available to you, and so are fresh-baked cookies (crinkle, chocolate chip, m&m, triple chocolate, peanut butter, brownies, and more)! If you are like me and like to have a meal and dessert, sandwiches, salads, and lettuce wraps are available to you as well!

Not only is the food filling and delicious, but you also cannot beat their price! Get their turkey lettuce wrap, chips, and a pickle for under $10! Every meal (except for family deals) is under $10! Grab some friends and make Sweet Thang your new lunch spot! Your tummy and your wallet will thank you!

#3 – Crumble Cookies

4 stars
Address: 15159 W 119th Olathe, KS
Phone: (913) 361-7073
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8a-10p
Friday & Saturday: 8a-12a (midnight)
Sunday: Closed you have not tried Crumble Cookies yet, then you need to! They are absolutely amazing! So rich and chewy, and baked from scratch-they are seriously to die for! Crumble Cookies are well known for their gourmet cookies baked from scratch and made sure to be served fresh all day.

Their most recommended cookies are their warm chocolate chip cookie and their chilled sugar cookie. What’s special about this popular cookie joint is that they rotate between four different specialty cookies each week. In addition, you can log onto their website: to keep up with the latest cookie flavors. An easy choice for our list of the best ice cream in Olathe!

They like to get creative over here at Crumble with ranging their flavors from their chocolate potato chip (a savory cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips, toasted coconut, rolled in crushed potato chips and butter pretzels) to their mango frozen yogurt cookie (a chilled mango cookie with mango yogurt and vanilla swirled frosting and topped with dried mango).

They also make more simple cookies if you enjoy a nice classic sugar cookie or milk chocolate chip. So to see what all the hype is about over Crumble Cookies!

#4 – Paleterias Tropicana

4.5 stars
Address: 539 E Santa Fe St Olathe, KS
Phone: (913) 397-8880
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8a-10p
Friday-Sunday: 8a-11p

Since 2004 Paleterias Tropicana has been gracing us with the art of homemade Mexican ice cream. Customers rave over their flavorful and 100% natural ice cream, Michoacan style-or simple put-how they prepare ice cream in Mexico.

Their extensive menu also offers churros, fruit cocktails, smoothies, and even their traditional lunch and dinner menu. They even serve popsicles-fruit and cream! So this is themes fitting place to go to lunch and/or dinner and treat yourself to one of their yummy desserts. With every dessert or food item you order, you can always guarantee they are fresh, natural, and delicious! Because let’s get real-the fresh, and a natural part is just perked!

As long as the food is delicious, you will definitely be a returning customer. One of the most recommended items on the menu is referred to as a “Tropisnack” it is called the “Chocolate Banana” (frozen banana dipped in chocolate syrup and topped with candy sprinkles). Under $3! Another popular item under their ice cream would be the “Tres Marias” this comes with 3 scoops of ice cream of your choosing, topped with chocolate and strawberry syrup all in a waffle bowl. An easy choice for our list of the best ice cream in Olathe!

Only $7! Get in touch with the Hispanic heritage and try some of their famous recipes and desserts!

#5 – Hokulia Shaved Ice

4 stars
Address: 11118 S Lone Elm Rd Ste 104 Olathe, KS
Phone: (913) 289-5400
Hours: Monday-Sunday: 2p-8p

Feel like something else other than ice cream on a hot summer day? Come check out Hokulia! Where you can get the best shaved ice in Olathe, KS! Hokulia differs from other shaved ice joints by how they prepare their ice.Shaved-ice-olathe-kansas-image

They literally shave the ice. So instead of having the ice being gritty like a snow cone, Hokulia’s takes their time and shaves the block of ice, making their shaved ice recipes taste smooth and refreshing! Customers say it is the perfect shaved ice snack! Perfect for a sweet treat and to cool you down when the temperate is hot! This list for the best ice cream in Olathe has even more than Ice Cream!

They have lots of flavors to choose from, along with tropical smoothies made from real fruit. Both their shaved ice and smoothies come in 3 different sizes. For the shaved ice, there is the Short Board (small), Long Board (medium), and Big Kahuna (large). So you have a total of 50 flavors to choose from, which they place on a big scoop of the flavor of your choosing in the middle of the ultra-thin ribbons of shaved ice.

You can also get their premium ice cream and choose between 30 flavors. You can also decide if you want a single or a double scoop. Lastly are the tropical fruit smoothies, where there are up to 21 flavors! The ice in their smoothies is not as ground as one would think. The ice is actually shaved, so your smoothie will be full of flavor and not watered down, along with a smooth texture that will make you not want to go back to regular smoothies!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best ice cream in Olathe!